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Balancing Act

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balancing act

Curated with Elizabeth Spadea

Ellenbogen Gallery presents ‘Balancing Act’, an innovative exhibition, curated with Elizabeth Spadea, that brings together works from a variety of non-representational artists.

The idea of balance may be intentional, unintentional or it may exist solely in the viewer’s eye. This carefully curated collection focuses on the concept of balance within non-representational, abstract art and explores a multitude of understandings of the word ‘balance’ itself.

Artists featured in BALANCING ACT include Reg Darling, Dublin Durller-Wilson, Carolina Ellenbogen, Michael D Ellenbogen, Harry A. Rich, Gregory Smith, Longina Smolinski, James Vogler, Katrin Waite and Richard D. Weis.

View BALANCING ACT introductory VIDEO (click here) on Facebook and the full exhibition, below:

Opening Saturday, May 16
balancing act
Curated with Elizabeth Spadea.
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